About Us

Maris Ehlers:

Yes, I'm a photographer. Honestly, that's the easy part. There are lots of us out there.

More importantly, I'm a wife. I have a husband who has stood by me while I've grown up (not always easy), and has shared with me a commitment, friendship and love that has weathered the ups and downs of life. I'm a very lucky girl. I'm a mom. I have two beautiful children that have taught me more about love and life than I could have possibly imagined and I love to see the world through their unique lenses. I have had a great career in the marketing field for the last fifteen years, which means that I am driven to capture life with light for reasons other than a paycheck. It's because I love it.

So, yes, while I'm a photographer, all of these other ares of my life that help define me shape the type of photographs I take, the stories my images tell. I'm passionate, emotional, happy and determined. I pour a lot of the things that make me me into my craft and I believe that shows. When I photograph children, I try to capture the real child ... not just the part of them that can say cheese. When I photograph a wedding, I love being the fly on the wall, telling the story. A wedding is one day in a whole lifetime of days, so it's important to tell a story that will stand the test of time.

My favorite things to photograph (which aren't really things at all), are relationships, the unexpected, the unnoticed, the fleeting and the real.

Angel Petit:

Angel has worked extensively with families and children while at Lord of Life Lutheran Church for the past sixteen years. She joined MEP part time in 2010 and in August of 2011 she left LOL and joined MEP nearly full-time as a production manager and second shooter. Angel has a great eye for detail, handles much of the day-to-day business of weddings and shoots, and is a complete JOY to work with.